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Date Type Title presented by
04.10.2017 Eval-uation 5-Year CD-Laboratory Evaluation Karl F. Doerner
06.04.2017 Lunch Lecture Solving the Stochastic VRP with the Approximative Branch-and-Bound Heuristic Alexandre De Macedo Florio
17.01.2017 Lunch Lecture Inventory Routing Problem for beer companies Emilio Ortega
20.12.2016 Lunch Lecture Solving an Intra-facility Steel Slab Routing Problem Biljana Roljic
22.11.2016 Lunch Lecture Revisiting the Epsilon-Constraint Method with Heuristics: A Proof-of-Concept on the VRP with Route Balancing Peter Matl
25.10.2016 Lunch Lecture Lower bounds for a bin-packing problem with linear usage costs Roland Braune
22.06.2016 Lunch Lecture Eine Job Shop Variante für KMU-Auftragsfertiger - Modellierung und Herausforderungen in der Praxis Günter Kiechle
22.06.2016 Lunch Lecture The p-median p-dispersion Problem. GRASP+Path-Relinking Metaheuristic. Emilio Ortega
05.04.2016 Lunch Lecture Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search for the Nurse Rostering Problem Alexander Kiefer
05.04.2016 Lunch Lecture Exact approaches for the Multi Depot Travelling Salesman Problem with Pick-up and Delivery (MDTSPD) Philipp Salzmann
08.03.2016 Lunch Lecture Finding the Trade-off between Gas Emissions and Disturbance in an Urban Context Jasmin Grabenschweiger
17.12.2015 Lunch Lecture Scheduling Recurring Radiotherapy Treatments – a mathematical programming approach Petra Vogl
17.12.2015 Lunch Lecture Routing and scheduling of employees with different skills in multiple working locations Alina Dragomir
17.12.2015 Lunch Lecture Capacity Planning for Cluster Tools in the Semiconductor Industry Martin Romauch
11.11.2015 Lunch Lecture About the block relocation problem Fabien Tricoire
25.08.2015 Lunch Lecture Vehicle Routing with Stochastic and Dependent Demands: a Bayesian Approach Alexandre de Macedo Florio
25.08.2015 Lunch Lecture Multi-objective optimization of a pharmaceutical distribution case in consideration of fairness and consistency Andreas Krawinkler
17.06.2015 Lunch Lecture Frequency Optimization for the Viennese Public Transport Provider David Schmaranzer
17.06.2015 Lunch Lecture A Priori Route Evaluation for the Lateral Transhipment Problem with Piecewise Linear Profits and a Lot Sizing Application with Requalification Costs Martin Romauch
22.04.2015 Lunch Lecture Model for steel slab transportation Biljana Roljic
11.03.2015 Lunch Lecture Costs of consistency and fairness - Model for distribution problems in cities (based on a pharma-products and medicine case) Andreas Krawinkler
07.01.2015 Lunch Lecture Model for intermodal transportation - transportation of steel products and scrap metal along the danubue with train, ships or full-truckloads David Wolfinger
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