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Major in Supply Chain Management

The following informations are for those students still enrolled in the Mastercurriculum of 2006:

Please beware of the fact that the courses mentioned in the description and intened for this curriculum are not offered anymore, so take the equivalent list into account when planning your missing courses.



Our major in Supply Chain Management is designed to help students understand a variety of supply chain strategies and concepts. Based on case studies, experiments as well as individual and group exercises the students learn how to develop supply chain solutions based on quantitative methods. They gain insights into dynamic planning and control problems under risk and learn how to apply standard optimization and simulation software to problems of inventory management, supplier contracts as well as strategic network design.


Depending on his undergraduate program, each student is required to complete the preliminaries of the Production and Logistics major first. For students in International Business Administration, these are the introductory (EK) as well as one advanced (VK) course. Students in Management Information Systems (Wirtschaftsinformatik) have to complete at least one 4 ECTS (2 SWS) course.


The major in Supply Chain Management is integrated with the majors in Transportation Logistics and Production Management and consists of five modules with 8 ECTS for each module:

  1. The core module Supply Chain Management is mandatory and serves as a preliminary for all other courses. Students should not register for another module unless they have completed this module.
  2. As part of the methods module, students can choose among Simulation, Linear Programming and Metaheuristics. The first part covers the general method and is offered during the first half of the term. During the second half the course splits into separate courses covering advanced topics in one of the majors (Supply Chain, Transportation or Production).
  3. The seminar module requires completion of either (a) another methods course, (b) the Paper Reading course or (c) the SAP Practical. It is recommended to begin the seminar after completion of other courses, as it requires a deeper understanding of the subject.
  4. As elective, students can choose among Inventory Management, International Logistics or a module from the Production and Logistics core program.
  5. The fifth module is a non-business module from the area of Operations Research or Management Information Systems. Students can also choose the course on Implementation of Optimization Methods.






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