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Selecting Logistics as minor or major

In cooperation with the chair for Production and Operations Management we offer two minors which can be extended to an major. Both deal with classical problems araising in the field of logistics and apply methods from the area of operations management/ research to those problems.

The minor "Smart Production" mainly focuses on production and inventory problems. From a method point of view you will deal with scheduling problems and get insides to simulation based solution mehtods.

In contrast the minor "Supply Chain Management" deals with routing problems and in general the flow of goods & services. This envolves the whole value creation process in production or service industries from an raw product or any kind of ressource to the point of sale. This minor focuses on exact solution/ modelling approaches for different routing and shortest path problems.

If one of these minors gets extended to a major you may also apply and implement metaheursitic methods to those problems.

Minor Smart Production & Supply Chain Management

Both minors consist of four modules and should be started with "KU Operations Strategy and Tactical Planning" since this course is the fundament for the following courses.

KU Simulation II / KU LP Modelling II are just required if the KU Operations Strategy and Tactical Planning is already selected for another major or minor.



Major: Smart Production & Supply Chain Management


By merging one of the minors with the modules from "Smart and Production and Supply Chain Management 2" you create the major "Smart Produchtion and Supply Chain Management". By selecting the foundation minor according to your interests you can select between production or SCM as main emphasis of your studies.

In the mandatory part you will deal with programming and the structure of solution algorithms (heuristics & metaheuristics) if you are interested in intensifying your studies in this field you may consider selecting "KU Metaheuristics". Otherwise we would advice you to select between "KU LP Modeling II" and "KU Simulation II" according to you minor.






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