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Supply Chain Management (Master)

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the efficient management of the set of often autonomous parties involved in the design of new products and services, procuring raw materials, transforming them into semifinished and finished products, and delivery to the end customer.  This course is the base module for the Supply Chain Management major and is recommended to be taken prior to other modules of the major.


  •     Introduction
    • Supply Chain Matrix
    • Pull/Push View
    • Strategic Fit
    • Capabilities
    • Drivers and Metrics
    • Supply Chain Integration
  •     Newsvendor revisited and extended
  •     Forecasting Demand
  •     Economies of Scale
    • The Role of Cycle Inventory
    • Exploit Fixed Costs
    • Exploit Quantity Discounts
  •     Short term discounting
    • Trade Promotions
    • Safety Inventory
    • Beer Game
    • The Bullwhip effect and Value of Information
  •     Contracts
    • Buy-back contracts
    • Revenue Sharing Contracts
  •     Risk Pooling to Reduce and Hedge uncertainty
  •     Designing the Supply Chain Network
    • Distribution Networks
    • Facility and Capacity Allocation
    • Offshoring
  •     Designing and Planning Transportation Networks
    • Transportation Infrastructure and Policies
    • Milk runs
  •     Presentation of Term project


For the Excel based homework (Forecasting Demand) an introductory tutorial is offered at the beginning of the semester. The participation is voluntary. Seats in the lab will be assigned according to a first come, first serve principle due to capacity bottlenecks.

Dates for the tutorial: TBA

Content of the tutorial: general introduction in Excel and Excel Solver, preparation for the homework (Forecasting demand)

Note: Only the homework forecasting demand is based on Excel, the other examples can be solved by using paper and pencil.


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  • Dixit, A. K. and Pindyck, R. S., Investment under Uncertainty, Princeton University Press, 1994






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